TeachingBooks.net Web 2.0 Tools, K-12

TeachingBooks.net has a new section that encourages collaboration and community among teachers who want to learn together about using the multimedia resources on this site. The following Web 2.0 tools are now available:
TeachingBooks Blog
This area has articles with strategies for using featured resources, special tips and advice from the authors, and helpful hints. Teachers have three options to access information:
Teacher Tips
Teachers can exchange strategies for using multimedia book and author resources with other teachers from around the world. Teachers can publish how they use specific resources on TeachingBooks, and learn applications from others for using online materials to enhance their reading and library activities.
Resource Rating
This is an easy tool for teachers to rate every resource on the TeachingBooks site.
Read one-sentence updates written daily by TeachingBooks staff members about authors being interviewing, schools being training, reading lists being made, etc.
Facebook Fan Page
Includes one-click access to featured resources, discussion forums, upcoming events, and news.