Free Research-Based Anti-Cyberbullying Curriculum, K-12
The CyberSmart! Student Curriculum empowers students to use the Internet safely, responsibly, and effectively. It is easily integrated, in part or in full, into your current curriculum. A consistent lesson model, including free reproducible student activity sheets, makes planning easy. Standards-based lessons are aligned with national and state technology and information literacy standards. It prepares students to use the Internet for communication, creativity, collaboration, critical thinking, and problem solving—the new basic skills for 21st century learning.
The CyberSmart! curriculum covers the following units:
• Safety and Security Online
• Manners, Cyberbullying and Ethics
• Authentic Learning and Creativity
• Research and Information Fluency
• Twenty-First Century Challenges

The CyberSmart! Educator Toolbar provides direct links to over 90 individual Web 2.0 tools categorized by functionality: blogs, wikis, online surveys, podcasts, photo and video sharing, online productivity tools, and social networking tools. All tools can be downloaded for use at both home and school.