AccuKidz, 3-8 For Kids is an interactive Web site that helps young students learn about weather, photography, video production, science, art, and more. Teachers and students can join to create their own WeatherTeam, so they can share their life and community with others.
Follow these steps to form a weather team:
1. Make up your Team Name (Must Contain The Word "Team")
2. Register on the Photo Gallery using your Team Name
3. Register on the Forums using your Team Name
After uploading photos to the Photo Gallery and talking in the moderated Kidz Forum, your team will appear on the WeatherTeams page. The site includes areas such as Worst Weather, Weather Whys, Behind the Scenes at Accuweather, and Resources. Remember Heartland also offers Premium. Contact your teacher librarian for the username and password for this site that provides additional information, resources, and support.