Iowa Core Videos, K-12

You’ll find over 107 videos created in Iowa by Iowans to help teachers understand and implement the Iowa Core. You’ll find theory, background, and practical applications of what it looks like in the classroom. Take a look at the Eduvision site—looks and acts just like YouTube. Go to and scroll down to the video icon.

Egypt and Tunisia, K-12
Learn360 includes videos for streaming or download to understand foreign policy, government, past and present, culture, etc. Log in with the online database username/password assigned to your school, then enter the search terms. The results can be limited by grade level.

Black History Month Lesson, 9-12
Students can use the SIRS online database to address essential questions/issues. Here’s a lesson where students can take a pro/con position and find supporting research on affirmative action, racial discrimination and civil liberties, and workplace discrimination. Online help show students how to defend their position on issues.

Assign students to research either a Pro or Con position on one of the issues listed below. Students should cite at least three resources in addressing the Pro or Con essential questions for the selected issue.

Each of these issues is one of many that continue to impact African Americans to a greater degree than other Americans. The pathfinders below are accessed by selecting the VISUAL BROWSE link.

Pathfinder #1:
Click Civil Right and Liberties icon > Civil Rights > Affirmative Action

Pathfinder #2:
Click Civil Right and Liberties icon > Civil Rights > Racial Discrimination

Pathfinder #3:
Click Civil Right and Liberties icon > Civil Rights > Workplace Discrimination

SIRS provides unique models for students to use to demonstrate what they have learned and how to defend their position on issues. To locate them, open each issue, click the My Analysis icon in the Research Tools section, then note the links to report/presentation models under Additional Resources.

Access the full SIRS activity here.

100 Years, 100 Events DVDs, 6-12

This new DVD series for loan uses archival footage and witness commentary to examine the events of the first decade in the 20th century. It examines what, how and why different events took place.

100 Years, 100 Events: 1900-1909
100 Years, 100 Events: 1910-1919 (#810141)
100 Years, 100 Events: 1920-1929 (#810142)
100 Years, 100 Events: 1930-1939 (#810143)
100 Years, 100 Events: 1940-1949 (#810144)
100 Years, 100 Events: 1950-1959 (#810145)
100 Years, 100 Events: 1960-1969 (#810146)
100 Years, 100 Events: 1970-1979 (#810147)
100 Years, 100 Events: 1980-1989 (#810148)
100 Years, 100 Events: 1990-1999 (#810149)

Advocates of Change DVDs, 6-12

This new DVD series for loan introduces people who have made a difference and revolutionized the world. Online preview is available. Each DVD is 23 minutes.

Advocates of Change: activists (#810155)
Advocates of Change: actors (#810158)
Advocates of Change: actresses (#810156)
Advocates of Change: artists (#810157)
Advocates of Change: corporations (#810159)
Advocates of Change: entrepreneurs (#810225)
Advocates of Change: environmentalists (#810226)
Advocates of Change: famous duos (#810228)
Advocates of Change: heads of state (#810229)
Advocates of Change: human rights leaders (#810230)
Advocates of Change: humorists (#810231)
Advocates of Change: inventors (#810232)
Advocates of Change: lifestyle gurus (#810233)
Advocates of Change: media moguls (#810234)
Advocates of Change: monarchies (#810235)
Advocates of Change: music industry pioneers (#810236)
Advocates of Change: musician activists (#810237)
Advocates of Change: producers and directors (#810238)
Advocates of Change: science and disease (#810239)
Advocates of Change: space exploration (#810240)
Advocates of Change: sports figures (#810241)
Advocates of Change: transportation (#810242)
Advocates of Change: voyagers (#810243)
Advocates of Change: women in politics (#810244)
Advocates of Change: writers (#810245)

The Love of Money DVDs, 9-12

This new DVD series for loan includes three titles about the recent global economy.

Age of Risk #810255
Back From the Brink #810256
Bank That Bust the World #810254

Cultural Flavors DVD, 6-12

This new DVD series for loan shows a snapshot of life around the dinner table of a different country highlighting the unique characteristics of local food. Includes recipes. Each DVD is 25 minutes. Consider using this series in a joint unit with FACS and social studies.

Cultural Flavors: Afghanistan (#810193)
Cultural Flavors: China (#810198)
Cultural Flavors: France (#810192)
Cultural Flavors: Greece (#810194)
Cultural Flavors: India (#810189)
Cultural Flavors: Italy (#810190)
Cultural Flavors: Japan (#810197)
Cultural Flavors: Korea (#810191)
Cultural Flavors: Lebanon (#810200)
Cultural Flavors: Mexico (#810195)
Cultural Flavors: Nepal (#810196)
Cultural Flavors: Sudan (#810199)
Cultural Flavors: Thailand (#810188)

Share Writing, Connect with Readers, 7-12
Figment, a literary Web site for teens, provides an online setting for students to write, read, and share original fiction they create on their computers or mobile phones. A staff writer and a former editor at The New Yorker launched a prototype of the site in June and teamed with libraries, schools, and literary groups to recruit student participants. You might want to create a similar site for just your school or district. The mobile version is at

Silly Books, K-5
Silly Books provides animated and colorful books that include music, sound effects, and voices. It also includes cartoons, music, puzzles, games, and jokes. As students follow along, the words are highlighted as they are read aloud. The Classroom section provides some lesson plans for teachers and other support materials. Writing contests are also available, and the stories are published on the site.

Biography Units, 4-12
The Academy of Achievers includes photographs, biographies, profiles, interviews with video and audio of notables such as Mikhail Gorbachev, Henry Kissinger, Rosa Parks, Jonas Saulk, and Lawrence Peter “Yogi” Berra. Includes standards, student materials, teacher facilitation guides, and other resources.

Students can search for famous people who have the same interests as they do, review a booklist that provided inspiration to these achievers, and explore a list of careers. The Keys to Success area explores the core principles that helped shape the lives of these achievers. The teacher area provides lesson plans for grades 4-12. Lessons are grouped by the five areas of achievement and include standards, student materials, teacher facilitation guides, and other resources.

Lit2Go, K-12

Lit2Go is a collection of classic books, stories, and poems available to download for free on iTunes. Search through the entire database on the web at

National Writing Project, K-12
This web site is a collection of ideas, reflections, and stories about what it means to teach writing in our digital world. Teachers can read, discuss, and share ideas about teaching writing. There are resources for 21st Century Skills, Collaboration, Digital Literacies, Digital Tools, Digital Video Composition, English Language Learners, and more. The site explores the following three key areas:
• What are we learning about the art and craft of digital writing? — Art/Craft
• What are we learning about the teaching and learning of digital writing? – Teach/Learn
• What ideas provoke us to think in new ways about education and culture in the digital age? – Provocations

Mathcasts, 4-12 is an online collection of math tutorials and problem solutions to help students learn and review math skills. Narration is combined with screen writing to demonstrate concepts. Topics include everything from reading and writing whole numbers to calculus. Information on how these may be used in the classroom is available as well as information on how users can create their own mathcasts.

Girls Succeed in Math and Science, 6-12
Braincake is a program of science-oriented activities, contests, games and experiments from The Girls Math & Science Partnership, which is part of the Carnegie Science Center. The site helps girls be confident, solve problems, and think independently. The activities engage girls in current science, helping them understand its relevance by using science in their everyday lives.

Iowa Core Science and Technology, K-12
Heartland instructional technology consultants created an online resource that connects the Iowa Core concepts and skills with video examples, Web 2.0 tools, web sites, and technology applications.

Innovation Nation DVDs, 6-12

This DVD series for loan describes scientific discoveries shaping our planet and our future. Includes real world demonstrations, lab experiments, and interviews.

Artificial Intelligence #810261
Biofuel #810260
Co2 #810262
Communications #810263
Robots at Work #810264
Wind Power #810265

Biotechnology in the 21st Century, 6-12

This DVD series for loan discusses the controversy that often accompanies breakthroughs in biotechnology. It includes interviews with experts and scientists and 3-D animations.

Bioinformatics, Genomics, and Proteomics: Getting the Big Picture
Biotechnology and Your Health: Pharmaceutical Applications #810151
Biotechnology on the Farm and in the Factory #810152

A Guide to Getting Along, PreK-5
Out On a Limb web site is designed to help students with conflict resolution issues. It poses questions about how to deal with unfriendly remarks from friends, sibling problems, and angry feelings. For each exercise, users are given the option of running away, fighting, or using the "Think and Share" choice. The teachers' guide has lesson plans, worksheets in pdf format, and resource links.

Sexting DVD, 6-12

Me, Myself, My Blog is a new DVD series for loan. Each program features pre-teen bloggers who share stories via flashbacks.

The Dangers of Texting and Sexting: You Can’t Take It Back
Dealing with Bullies #810213
How to Get Along #810214

Academics and the Real World, 4-12
The Need in Deed: Connecting the Classroom with the Community web site provides activities and resources. Students gain an understanding of the practical applications of schoolwork as they use these skills to make positive, productive responses to challenging issues of concern to them in their schools and communities.

Electrical Systems DVDs, 9-12

This new DVD series is available for loan.

Charging System Service
Ignition System Operation #810218
Ignition System Service #810219
Starting System Operation #810220
Starting System Service #810221
Using a Load Tester #810223