Life 5 Series, 9-12

This series of 12 DVDs is about the effect of globalization on individuals and communities around the world.
Back in Business? #809295
Sierra Leone is looking for outside investment to kick start its economy. This program explores whether tourism could be one of the new industries that move the country into the future.

Cash Flow Fever #809294
One out of every ten people on the planet either sends or receives money from abroad. This program travels to El Salvador to uncover this hidden economy and the impact it can have in the fight against poverty.

The Donor Circus #809290
Over 40% of the Zambian government's budget comes from foreign donors. In the past, donors decided what the money was spent on and demanded a say in how the country's economy was run. The Zambian government hopes that way of working may soon be a thing of the past.

For Richer, for Poorer #809291
Almost half of Brazil's wealth is is concentrated in the hands of just 20,000 families. This program assesses the progress made by Lula, the worker President.

Kill or Cure? #809292
India's $4.5 billion pharmaceutical industry is now at a crossroads following a new law introduced in 2005 based on the WTO's TRIPS (Trade-Related aspects of Intellectual Property Rights)-an agreement to ensure intellectual property rights are respected within international trade.

Killing Poverty #809288
This program is about the progress made in Kenya. Western governments need to face up to their own responsibilities for shoring up President Arap Moi.

Kosovo: A House Still Divided? #809296
This program visits a mixed Albanian Serb village where they're restarting their lives in newly built houses.

Roma Rights #809285
Roma communities in Europe have been subjected to centuries of persecution and racism. This program looks at the hard living conditions but it also examines the richness and energy of Roma culture, especially the music.

School's Out #809286
This program examines why private schools have flourished in Makoko, a shanty town on the lagoon of Lagos, West Africa. Children can go to the free state school. Or they can pay at one of these small, private schools.

The Silent Crisis #809293
The Central African Republic is one of the least developed countries. This program features an interview with President Francois Bozize who has pledged to restore the country's national unity and security.

Srebrenica: Looking for Justice #809287
In 1995 the small town of Srebrenica in Eastern Bosnia was home to the worst massacre in Europe since World War II. International aid is part of a process allowing the town to build a new future.

Trouble in Paradise #809297
This program looks at the long-term social impact of the 2004 tsunami. It explores why people in the Maldives are still waiting for their homes and communities to be rebuilt when tourist facilities are up and running.