GoGoFrog: 3D Web Site, K-12

Gogofrog.com is a unique "3D Web Space" hosting service where navigation is through three-dimensional rooms and doorways using keyboard arrow keys, with conventional point and click menu as support navigation. Teachers and students can build a personal 3D Web site complete with images, color and text within just a few minutes. They can change or update their site every day, every week, or every ten minutes.

Members can design a series of rooms and populate them with the same kind of content available to conventional Web sites. Includes galleries to display photos or artwork on the walls, or a writer's studio in which to publish original works of fiction or nonfiction, news reports or blog-style commentary with links, or a meeting room where like-minded individuals can gather to engage in discussion forums or a current events library with RSS feeds of favorite blog and news headlines. According to one user, "It’s like a virtual tour of your life. You can invite people to visit your 3D room (they don’t have to their own Gogofrog room to do so) and also chat with visitors".