National Women's History Month, 4-12
This year’s theme recognizes the pioneering ways that women have taken the lead in the environmental or "green" movement to save the planet. Rachel Carson, the founder of the contemporary environmental movement, is featured as the icon for this year’s Women’s History Month. The other 2009 honorees are scientists, engineers, business leaders, writers, filmmakers, conservationists, teachers, community organizers, religious or workplace leaders, or other women whose lives show vision and leadership to save our planet. Go to for the honoree list, brief biographies, and Web resources related to the 2009 honorees. Brief biographies for past honorees can be found at
For additional Web sites on Women’s History Month, go to netTrekker at netTrekker is an educational search engine that connects students and teachers to educator-approved Web sites organized by grade level and readability level. Heartland provides this online database for all students and teachers at home and at school at no cost. Contact your teacher librarian for the username and password to access this site.