Posters on Racism & Injustice, 9-12
Facing History and Ourselves has partnered with the Smithsonian Institution Traveling Exhibition Service (SITES) to develop a special poster set. The 11 full-color posters are designed to encourage dialogue, engagement, respect and participation in the classroom and beyond. The poster sets are available online for free download and highlight the four stories featured in the traveling exhibition currently on national tour. This exhibition examines the impact and history of racism and injustice, and looks at the courageous choices people have made to build strong and inclusive communities. Heartland AEA can print the posters. The production order form is online at

8.5x11 color, regular or heavy paper = $.25 each
14x20 color, poster weight paper = $.30 each
18x24 color, medium weight paper = $3.30

Connections to 9-12 Iowa Core Essential Concepts and/or Skills:
• Understand the rights and responsibilities of each citizen and demonstrate the value of lifelong civic action.
• Understand how the government established by the Constitution embodies the enduring values and principles of democracy and republicanism.
• Understand the purpose and function of each of the three branches of government established by the Constitution.
• Understand the differences among the complex levels of local, state and national government and their inherent, expressed, and implied powers.
• Understand strategies for effective political action that impacts local, state, and national governance.