Earth from Space: An Online Exhibition, 5-12
This online exhibition features images, lesson plans, and classroom activities that explain how satellite imagery is gathered and used. It includes satellite images of conditions and events on the Earth. Sections: Living Planet, Water and Air; Structure of the Land; The Human Presence; and Satellite Technology.

Over 40 detailed satellite images of the planet are available. Especially fascinating are the images found in the Water and Air section. These include everything from typhoons to dust storms to changing seasons to rising flood waters. The technology that is used to gather the images is also discussed in the Satellite Technology section. Lesson plans and classroom activities are correlated to national standards.

Connections to 6-8 Iowa Core Essential Concepts and/or Skills:
• Understand and apply knowledge of the structure and processes of the earth system and the processes that change the earth and its surface.
• Understand and apply knowledge of earth history based on physical evidence.
• Understand and apply knowledge of the earth’s atmospheric properties and how they influence weather and climate.
• Understand and apply knowledge of the components of our solar system.
• Understand and demonstrate knowledge of the social and personal implications of environmental issues.