Amazing Human Body DVDs, 7-12

Visual Learning produced these DVDs. Each DVD is 20 minutes in length and is available for checkout. They are also available for streaming or download on Learn360 at Use the online database username/password assigned to your school.

Essential nutrition #810132
Investigating the immune system #810129
Maintaining a healthy body #810131
Reproduction and development #810130
Senses #810128
The amazing nervous system #810127

Connections to 9-12 Iowa Core Essential Concepts and/or Skills:
• Understand and apply knowledge of the basic components and functions of cells, tissues, organs, and organ systems.
• Understand and apply knowledge of the complementary nature of structure and function and the commonalities among organisms.
• Understand and apply knowledge of the functions and interconnections of the major human body systems including the breakdown in structure or function that disease causes.