Assessment & Grading, K-12
Rick Wormeli has created a collection of resources that teachers and administrators can use to tap into the principles and strategies in his best-selling book Fair Isn't Always Equal. This book is available for check out in the professional library.

The site features two extensive chapter-by-chapter study guides for Fair Isn't Always Equal. One is for book study facilitators and includes tips on how to handle difficult conversations about controversial topics; the other is for teachers to use independently or in small groups.

There are also videos and articles in which Rick addresses key issues such as late work and collaborating with other teachers who have different views about assessment and grading. There are three videos currently available:

--Affecting Change: Offers advice for leaders on managing change with their staff.
--Standards-Based Grading: Argues against the practice of assigning a zero as the lowest F on a hundred-point scale.
--On Late Work: Explains why assigning a failing grade for a missed deadline is not the most constructive way of helping students improve their work habits.

The Q&A section shares real questions about assessment and grading that Rick has received from educators all over the world. More videos, articles, and podcasts will be added in the coming weeks.