National Technology Education Plan, K-12
The new National Education Technology Plan (NETP) might make for an interesting study group as districts assess how instructional technology can support learning, and the infrastructure that must be in place. The plan calls for applying the technologies we use in our daily personal and professional lives to the entire educational system. It contains five goals with recommendations for states, districts, the federal government, and other stakeholders. Each goal addresses one of the five essential components of learning powered by technology: Learning, Assessment, Teaching, Infrastructure, and Productivity.
The full plan and executive summary are online.

Connections to 6-8 Technology Literacy Iowa Core Essential Concepts and/or Skills:
• Demonstrate creative thinking in the design and development of innovative technology products and problem solving.
• Collaborate with peers, experts, and others using interactive technology.
• Plan strategies utilizing digital tools to gather, evaluate, and use information.
• Use critical thinking skills to conduct research, solve problems, and make informed decision using appropriate technological tools and resources.