Teaching with Lincoln, K-12

Celebrate the 200th anniversary of Abraham Lincoln’s birth this February 2009 with the Abraham Lincoln Bicentennial Commission’s free classroom poster. The front side, suitable for classroom display, is a portrait of Lincoln, while the reverse contains resources for educators, offering suggestions for incorporating Lincoln’s legacy into the classroom. To request this poster, please call (202) 707-6998 or visit www.abrahamlincoln200.org and click on "For Teachers".

On the Web site, educators can view resources from educational organizations, search lesson plans, find event ideas, and classroom resources.

Educators can also download a free Abraham Lincoln calendar featuring primary sources from the Digitized Collections of the Library of Congress. The calendar is made available by Eastern Illinois University and Southern Illinois University and is accessible at http://www.eiu.edu/~eiutps/pdf/lincoln_calendar.pdf.

The Library of Congress Learning Page has introduced a new page, the Community Center for Abraham Lincoln. The page features links to many resources for teachers and students as well as activities and suggestions for search terms. To access this page, go to http://memory.loc.gov/learn/community/cc_lincoln.php.

Teaching with Lincoln was created by Teaching with Primary Sources consortium members as a tool for educators of any grade level or discipline as a repository of Lincoln related resources for teachers, especially highlighting those which incorporate the digitized primary sources of the Library of Congress. The site is divided into three main sections: two timelines that represent events during the life of President Lincoln Personal and Professional, and "Additional Resources" which are items that don't fit into one space on the timeline. After selecting a timeline, you may click on a particular year to find links to Teacher Resources, Student Resources, Library of Congress Primary Sources and Other Resources. To access this site, go to http://www.eiu.edu/~eiutps/.