New Instructional Materials, K-12

Reality Avenue, 7-12
This new DVD series uses student focus groups and teaches teens to take control of their lives. These 12 titles may be used in health, guidance, and counseling, or as discussion-starters in home base,

Advanced Physics, 10-12
This five-part DVD series features lectures and demonstrations on photonics, phase and matter, sound waves, special relativity, and the synchrotron,

Disney's Animal World, K-3
This series features live-action wildlife clips of animals in their natural habitats combined with footage from Disney animated classics. There are 13 DVDs in this series,

Heads Up!, 6-9
This space science DVD series includes 26 titles. Sample titles: How far can we go in space?, What happens when you fall into black holes?, Where is the center of the universe?, Why do comets have tales?,

Frontline, 7-12
Seven new titles are available,

Green Matters: What In the World Is Going On?, 7-12
This DVD series looks at global and personal ways to reduce our carbon footprint. Each program includes information from governments, corporations, environmental agencies and individuals who are finding ways to improve the planet,

Journeys Into Islam, 9-12
This series is available as DVD or VHS and describes Islamic history and the Muslim way of life in several countries,