Human Rights Day, 6-12

Human Rights Day provides an opportunity for teachers to integrate a global perspective into their curriculum. December 10, 2008, was the 60th anniversary of the United Nations General Assembly’s adoption in 1948 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, “a document establishing a common standard for human achievement for all peoples and nations, rooted in the values of freedom, equality, solidarity, tolerance, respect, and shared responsibility”.

The following links provide resources for promoting and protecting human rights.
Every Human Has Rights

Know Your Rights
Know Your Rights 2008 is the UDHR 60th Anniversary website organized by the United Nations Regional Information Centre for Western Europe. Their kid's corner has a number of resources, including the links to animations, the UN's Cyberschoolbus, UNICEF's Voices of Youth, and a number of additional resources.

Human Rights Education Library
The HRE Library contains over 2,000 full-text guides, curricula, textbooks and other documents that can be used for both formal and non-formal education about, for and in human rights, many of which are available in multiple languages. In particular, there are resources for teachers like Amnesty International's "First Steps: A Manual for Starting Human Rights Education".

ABC: Teaching Human Rights
This is a downloadable book aimed at offering practical advice to teachers and other educators who want to foster human rights awareness and action, among primary and secondary school children, including suggestions for developing learning activities.

Help Spread the Word
The resources on this page are a starting point for teachers and schools who want to incorporate the Every Human Has Rights campaign into the curriculum.