Get the Week's News, 7-12
The creators of Flocabulary,, have launched the Web site “The Week in Rap.” Every Friday, Flocabulary’s hip-hop artists produce a two-minute music video summarizing the major news stories of the week. The classroom-safe videos are posted online. The idea is that students who spend the majority of their time listening to music and watching videos online can now catch up on current events by checking out each week’s post. Each episode contains lyrics to the songs with highlighted key words linked to news stories from leading news outlets where students can get more information about that news topic. Teachers and students can also share episodes with others by clicking on links to sites such as, Facebook, or Twitter. They can comment on different episodes, embed an episode, or subscribe to receive the weekly episodes automatically. Recent posts discuss such current events as the economic downturn, politics, the Iraq War, sports, Nobel Prize winners, and technology.