Design Squad: Focus on Engineering, 3-7
PBS’s Design Squad introduces students to the world of engineering and empowers them to learn about and experiment with science. The visually compelling format attracts and motivates students to read, watch, build, and learn. The video section includes show and bonus footage and also offers students an inside look at the competing teams and an opportunity to “meet” the cast, while building projects range from creating a mini zip line to building a motorized car.

The Design Squad Educator's Guide has four units divided into 10 engaging, hands-on challenges that emphasize teamwork and creative problem solving. Teachers can choose to do one meeting, one full unit, or all four units. From the leader notes to the discussion questions to the challenge sheets, teachers have what they need to get students thinking like engineers.

Season 2 of Design Squad returns to PBS with 13 half-hour episodes starting the week of April 2. This season’s shows feature the teams constructing cardboard furniture for IKEA, building hockey net targets for a Boston Bruins player, and designing underwater prostheses for an amputee dancer. These real world experiences give students a stronger understanding of engineering, equip them with science and math skills, and lay the foundation they need to participate in engineering activities later in life.