Everyday Math, K-6

Mixing in Math (MiM) http://mixinginmath.terc.edu/ includes 40 activities that can be used to “slip a little math” into students’ everyday routines. Activities include using clocks and calendars, figuring lengths and widths, gathering and organizing fun facts about everyday things, and adding shapes and numbers to stories and skits.

Mixing in Math activities are an easy way to put math into snack time, outdoor time, clean-up, or almost any other part of the school day. The activities complement math lessons and provide a chance for students to build and maintain everyday skills such as measuring, timing, estimating, and mental math. The activities engage a broad range of learners by involving physical activity, drawing, talking, and game playing.

To find an activity that is right for your students, look over the activities on this site and check the level of difficulty, group size, “when to mix in” (cooking, fitness, literacy), and variations. The activities are geared for the elementary grades, but can easily be adapted for those slightly older or younger. A content chart is included for details on the math concepts in each activity.

Here are a few activities to try to get started:
Turn My Way

Math Challenges
Majority Rules
Read the Label

Young Children
I Spy Shapes
Take Ten

Daily Routines
Taking Attendance
Line Up

Skill Building and Review
Guess My Rule
Jumping to 100