Soundzabound: Royalty Free Music Library for Schools, K-12

One group of students wants to create a presentation about the 2008 election using technology that highlights the turning points of the election. Another group of students is creating a podcast and wants to put patriotic music at the beginning and end. A third group of students is putting together a digital movie and wants music that provides an effective background for the theme of their movie. Another group of students is using digital storytelling and wants different short clips of music to add emotional impact in their story.

Where do these students go to access music they can use in their presentations and still adhere to copyright law?

Soundzabound is a music library created by educators for educators to protect against copyright infringement. Heartland has purchased this database, and it is now available to teachers and students 24/7 at home and at school. It provides royalty free music that meets the licensing and technology requirements for education. This high quality music is downloadable as mp3 files for use on Macintosh or Windows computers in software applications such as Garageband, iMovie, MovieMaker, Photo Story and more. The Soundzabound music library includes all kinds of genres such as cultural, rap, techno, sports, podcasts, classical, instrumental, etc. Within each genre there are many categories for teachers or students to choose the exact music clip that fits their presentation.

For further information on copyright issues and music check out the Soundzabound podcasts on Copyright Issues When Using Music, Copyright Wisdom for Music in Technology, and Making Your Podcasts and Music Pop in the Project Examples link.

Remember Soundzabound will be searchable in Com Cat ( by mid-September so you can search for books, articles, photos, music clips, etc. at the same time. Contact your teacher librarian for your building username and password for Soundzabound.