Flying Fingers and Dancing Fingers, K-6

Diane Sawyer called her “a tiny literary giant.”
She’s been called “a gifted child prodigy writer and Harry Potter fan with a passion for books, storytelling, poetry, arts, history, technology and education.”
She’s known internationally as a writer, poet and humanitarian.
She writes historical fiction, fantasy adventure stories, contemporary fiction, and poems.
She says, “Reading and writing is my life.”
She was disappointed by the way girls were portrayed in books and movies, so she works to create the kind of “strong, intelligent, and sassy protagonists she herself would want to read about.”
She has taught writing workshops to schoolchildren on three continents

She is ten years old and she is Adora Svitak.

Adora Svitak’s book, Flying Fingers: Master the Tools of Learning Through the Joy of Writing, is a great resource as you plan lessons for motivating your students to write creatively and with passion. This book, designed for parents, teachers and children, is a collection of adventure stories that includes tips on teaching kids to write, key vocabulary, and interviews with Adora. Adora's stories have “well-developed plots, funny characters, and the type of down-to-earth humor that keeps kids reading.” Each story has step-by-step instructions for a writing activity that explores a specific aspect of writing: plot, character, theme, etc. Check out the Web sites below for excellent resources to infuse technology into your classroom learning and inspire your students to be writers like Adora.

Adora Svitak Website

Teacher Tube: Adora’s Flying Fingers Channel

Teachersnet Gazette (Read a transcript of a live chat with Adora from April 2008)

Adora.TV (Use ChannelME.TV to create your own TV website) Interview with Adora, March 2008

In addition, Adora and her sister Adrianna have written Dancing Fingers, a book of and about poetry. In this book, Adora’s poems are divided into six sections. She introduces each section with an essay on one of her favorite sources of poetry inspiration and shares practical and inspirational writing tips. A seventh section introduces a more modern style of poetry with Adrianna’s poems. With its diversity in style and content, Dancing Fingers is great as a classroom resource, a teaching aid, and a vehicle for thoughts.