Baseball’s Greatest Hit: 100 Years of Musical History Electronic Field Trip, 3-8
Ball State University is offering several electronic field trips. This field trip starts with the song, “Take Me Out to the Ballgame,” written a century ago by Jack Norworth and Albert Von Tilzer. The song was originally written to be performed on home pianos and the vaudeville stage. This field trip explores the song’s history; how it has been performed in various musical genres (waltz, swing, jazz, and modern) for the past 100 years; and how these musical styles reflected the way people enjoyed entertainment and family life. It's a standards-based curriculum in language arts, music, history, and technology. Music teachers will find the content particularly applicable to their classrooms. The EFTs created by Ball State University and their sponsors provide:

  • Online webisodes of 5- to 10-minute video clips that provide interesting tidbits of information. Webisodes can be viewed through the site’s online player, or teachers can subscribe to them through the iTunes online music store.
  • A website specifically geared to provide teachers with the background and materials to guide their students through the field trip, and to provide interactive content.
  • A teacher side and a student side on the Web site. The student side is for one-on-one use by students with educational content. The teacher side answers any questions teachers may have about the field trip program. It also has suggested grade-appropriate classroom activities to use in preparation for the live broadcast.
  • A live television broadcast as the culminating element of the EFT experience. After having spent time on the website and learning in the classroom, students watch a 60-minute, live broadcast from the museum, park or institution. The program features experts as well as other students and teachers who have also been using the curriculum on this site.
  • An interactive experience for your students. Students can call in with questions that will be answered or discussed by the onscreen experts. During the broadcast, the website will feature an online Bank of Experts who will answer questions in the discussion forum. There are also "Your Turn!" segments, which are a way for students to participate in an activity or experiment from their own classrooms.
All of these components work together to create an in-depth educational experience for teachers and their students. Access archived field trips by clicking on “Where Does an EFT Go When It’s Over”?