VoiceThread, K-12

Ed.VoiceThread is a Web-based, secure global communications network for K–12 students and teachers. Students can use this worldwide network to create and record their work and to explore and collaborate with students and teachers. There is a private and public network area. The majority of work takes place within the private layer with the ability to view, comment and edit controlled by the teacher. Students can talk about and share their images, documents and videos. It’s really digital storytelling made simple and easy. It’s a tool for having conversations around media, images, videos, documents or presentations or any combination of these. Ed.VoiceThread can securely capture and hold an entire group discussion on one page. Students from your classroom or around the globe can comment by phone, webcam, microphone, text, or file upload. Think about the fascinating ways students can create and collaborate on digital stories and documentaries, practice and document language skills, explore geography and culture, solve math problems or simply find and sharpen their voices through your curriculum content. Go to http://voicethread.com/#home