Parent/School Tech Survey

Studywiz Spark recently announced the results of an independent, nationwide parent survey regarding online access, mobility, gaming and safety within the school environment. To view the entire survey, go to A summary of the major findings show that:

  • 92% of parents surveyed say that they would like to have online access to the same content and curricula used to instruct their children, but only 49% report that their schools provided this access.
  • 78% of parents reported that they are not satisfied with the use of technology in their school, reporting that more computers are needed, or more should be done with what schools have.
  • 75% of parents report being comfortable with the use of multimedia tools (Web 2.0 tools, such as YouTube videos, audio clips, and web links) within the classroom and this number increases to 95% when multimedia tools are integrated into lesson plans in teacher-monitored, safe environments.
  • 59% of parents see a benefit in having access to their childrens' schoolwork through mobile devices.