Iowa Core Curriculum, K-12

The Iowa Department of Education and the Area Education Agencies (AEAs) are rolling-out of the Iowa Core Curriculum. The ICC, mandated by the Iowa Legislature, could be the most significant, wide-reaching reform policy undertaken by the State of Iowa. More than a set of curriculum standards and benchmarks for math, literacy, science and social science, the Core Curriculum incorporates critical aspects of classroom assessment and instruction that will reinforce best practice currently in place in Iowa classrooms and will support and strengthen the important work of all Iowa teachers.

Each AEA has dedicated time for an individual or team to facilitate the roll-out of the Core Curriculum information to school districts and accredited non-publics. The first phase of the roll-out begins this school year with a Core Curriculum Leadership Development Series. Heartland's Core Curriculum team will deliver these trainings in regional settings for district leadership teams throughout the 2008-2009 school year beginning October 6. Other AEAs may have already begun their sessions or will begin them in the very near future. The primary audience for this training is PK-12 leadership teams. Six half-day sessions will include basic information regarding the Core Curriculum and discussions about the Core Curriculum plans that districts will be creating in the near future. Each session will be offered multiple times to accommodate the number of participants and schedules.

The Iowa Core adventure has begun. Please feel free to contact members of Heartland's Iowa Core Curriculum team if you have questions or need additional information.
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