MYVisit Virtual Author Series, K-8
The MYVisit Virtual Author Series is a great opportunity for your class to interact with some of today's best children's book authors. Each MYVisit series consists of a 45-minute live broadcast with an integrated Q&A during the show that can be viewed via satellite or Web. Teachers register online for a series, and about a month prior to the broadcast date, receive access to Web-based curriculum materials with downloadable modules. Registered teachers also have access to exclusive online video content after the live broadcast. These are short video "extras" that will enhance the overall MYVisit experience and are available via the MYVisit Web site or Apple iTunes University. If teachers are unable to fit the live broadcast into the classroom schedule that day, they can record the program and go through it with the students as their schedules allow. Teachers can also check the author's page to view the videos as they are available. Here’s a sample of some questions third and fourth graders posed to Andrew Clements about The Report Card:
1. What made you come up with the idea of writing a story about kids and their report cards?
2. Why did you pick a girl to have bad grades?
3. Why did the girl get all bad grades except for spelling?
4. Is this book based on your experiences in school?
5. Why did you choose spelling as the bad grade? Were you bad at spelling?
Another excellent site Heartland provides for teachers to access author interviews, discussions and readings is Go to and type in your email address for full access.