Practical Strategies for Differentiating Instruction, Grades 3-6

This two-part DVD training program contains practical differentiation strategies videotaped in actual classrooms. Effective ways to support and challenge learners and take all students to higher levels of achievement are highlighted.

Making the Most of Student Choice and Small Instructional Groups, 44 min. (#255686)
This series features intermediate-grade classrooms where teachers and children are engaged in differentiated learning activities in core subject areas. It shows how to maximize student achievement by giving students a degree of choice within academic activities. In addition, it demonstrates how to enhance students' learning by delivering instruction and guiding practice in small flexible groups.

Tiering Assignments and Tapping the Power of Multiple Intelligences, 58 min. (#255687)
This program shows how intermediate grade classroom teachers tier assignments to maximize student achievement with appropriate levels of challenge. In addition, it demonstrates how to take advantage of students' multiple intelligence preferences to promote a deeper understanding of content area studies.