New Internet Safety Course, K-12

A new Internet Safety course is being offered. The course is three credits and will be delivered online March 10 - April 30, 2008. Staff development credit is available for $60 per credit hour, and Drake credit will be offered at $90 per credit hour.

Course Description:
This online course will make educators aware of the detours and roadblocks students face online, such as pornography, gambling, hate, spam, mouse trapping, online predators, and cyber bullying, as well as exposure to viruses, worms, and Trojan horses. Using the iSafe curriculum, educators will find ways to help students avoid these problems.

Learning Goals or Targets:
• Participants will be able to explain the many facets of Internet safety. They will learn how to help students use the Internet safely and responsibly and will learn about hidden dangers that lurk online and how to be on guard.
• Participants will learn about the detours and roadblocks students face online. They will realize that many types of material found on the Internet is inappropriate for students, and they will learn how they can teach students skills to avoid these problems.
• Participants will realize the methods of the grooming process used by predators and how they can recognize them to help protect students.
• Participants will find out how malicious code (spam, worms, Trojan Horses) can damage any computer or network and how to recognize and avoid it. They will explore the growing problem of identity theft and learn how to avoid becoming a victim.
• Participants will embrace the moral implications that go with using intellectual property found on the Internet and the importance of protecting and respecting intellectual property.

To register for this online course, go to: and enter activity # IL003199990801.