Connections with Japan, 3-8

Connections with Japan is an online video lesson series that may be used in the classroom or home. The purpose is to provide students with an opportunity to learn about Japan and the Japanese people. Dr. Sachiko Murphy, a Japanese native and teacher of the Japanese language, presents four topics that she covers in her own classes: sumou, sushi, manga, and kabuki. The videos are designed for grades 3-8, although they would be appropriate for older students and educators as well. Each video is approximately 15 minutes in length.

Dr. Murphy explains the various aspects of sumou wrestling, sumou's cultural significance, and how matches are conducted. Then she shows two students how to make origami sumou wrestlers, name their wrestlers, and carry out a match.

Dr. Murphy explains types of sushi, its origins, and its cultural connections. Then she shows her student, Carin, how to make sushi, discusses the ingredients involved, and explains the Japanese idiom "packed like sushi."

Dr. Murphy talks about the art of manga, its history, and styles of manga animation.

Dr. Murphy talks about the history of kabuki theater, then two of her students prepare for a kabuki performance. She also demonstrates how to dress someone in a kimono and shows examples of kabuki theater.