Prohibition, 6-12

The Ken Burn documentary “…raises vital questions that are as relevant today as they were 100 years ago – about means and ends, individual rights and responsibilities, the proper role of government and finally, who is — and who is not — a real American.”

There are numerous online resources available to expand students’ learning. For example:
• Debate prohibition and larger issues of constitutionality and civil discourse.
• Explore correlations and themes presented by Burns and contrast/apply to today.
• Discuss Gandhi’s campaign for prohibition in the context of poverty.

Try these resources. You’ll need the school online database username/password. Students can search History Reference Center, SIRS Researcher, and Points of View Reference Center at the same time (like Google) at
• 96 videos--Learn 360
• 62 videos—American History in Video
• 8,400 hits—History Reference Center
• 959 hits—SIRS Researcher
• 5 hits—Points of View Reference Center