Obesity, K-12

Here are some online resources to incorporate into teaching and learning, share with parents, and use in guidance and school nurse programs. The school online database username/password is needed—it can also be shared with parents.
• Share informative websites for parents to learn more about healthy eating. Post hyperlinks on the class website or send links to parents via email.
• Differentiate with journal articles at various reading levels.
• Learn the personal stories of teens with health issues related to obesity.
• Share videos with students who want to learn how to eat healthy.

Learn 360: videos for students and parents, individual hyperlinks to video clips, create playlists
Teen Health and Wellness: information for teens including the social, personal, and medical aspects of obesity
netTrekker: reviewed websites appropriate for K-12
Gale magazines: differentiate and search for articles by Lexile level
SIRS Researcher and Points of View Reference Center: investigate and discuss the social, economic, personal, and health-related issues associated with obesity

DVDs available from Heartland for checkout:
Body Image: Are you Seeing the Real You?
Childhood Nutrition: Preventing Obesity
Creating Health: Childhood Obesity
The Dangerously Big Bunny (Obesity)
Good Food/Bad Food: Obesity in American Children
Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner in the New Millennium: Fiber
Heart Disease
Let’s Do Lunch
Lifestyle Diseases and How to Avoid Them
Obese, Not Me!
Obesity and Your Health
Obesity & Health
Overcoming Eating Disorders
Overweight in America; Why Are We Getting So Fat?
Preventing Obesity: Fat Chance
Ten Reasons to Get in Shape
Weighing the Risks: Gastric Bypass Surgery
Why Are Thin People not Fat?
Young and Overweight: Helping Yourself Change