Create Better State and Country Reports, 3-12
CultureGrams is a rich resource for information on states and countries. Integrate higher level skills and have students generate online charts and graphs; interpret data and draw conclusions; and explain their new learning. Use the school online database username/password.
• Create a table or graph with any number of states and compare area, population, economy, education, travel time to work, capitals, children below poverty level, popular baby names statehood order, and lots more.
• Print a PDF of the U.S. in an outline, physical, or political map.
• Create a CSV file to compare country maternal mortality, caloric consumption, real GDP, population, doctors, literacy, communications, and lots more.
• Create a table or graph to discover statistical extremes in a top-ten-list format. It covers more than 50 topics such as highest oil consumption, most cell phones, most military spending, most doctors, population, most imports, most spending on education, etc.