Shmoop, K-12
Shmoop is a free online homework and writing helper for literature, poetry, and US history. The writers of Shmoop’s original content are primarily Ph.D. and Masters students from top U.S. universities, such as Stanford, Berkeley, Harvard, and Princeton. It was honored by the Webby Awards in both 2009 and 2010. Shmoop has a growing collection of study guides and teacher resources on everything from SAT prep to the Civil War and more are being added all of the time. It’s mostly free of charge, with some nominal fees for test prep and a few other features.

• Get the important facts, from Summaries
• Understand many sides of the argument and dive into a number of themes in Deep Analyses
• Ask the room a question in Discussions
• Collect your thoughts by placing your own Stickies and Clippings on any page. These will be available in Folders.
• Click the Stickies button on the Toolbar and Create a New Stickie. Click “Clip this Section” to save a shortcut
• Quote and cite Shmoop in your papers. The Shmoop writers, experts from Stanford, Berkeley, Harvard, U-Iowa, and other great schools, love the topics on which they write and provide citations to back up their work.