Fables DVDs for Loan, preK-3

The Little Fables series uses an animated shadow theater format. There are 25 titles in the DVD series available for checkout. Animals come up with solutions to their problems in ways that convey pro-social messages easily understood by young children. The series helps foster a child's character and problem solving skills while assisting emergent literacy. You can preview the series at http://filmideas.com.

The ant and the cricket (810295)
Theme: Hard work pays.

The ant and the crumbs (810309)
Theme: Quality is more important than quantity.

The caterpillar and the cocoon (810307)

Theme: Life is full of surprises.

The crab and the stork (810287)
Theme: In order to succeed, you must work together.

The crow and the fox (810290)
Theme: Sometimes friends don’t say or act as they really mean.

The dog and the crab (810289)
Theme: Help others, you may need help one day too.

The dog and the hedgehog (810300)
Theme: Shouting is not the best way to be heard.

Flight of the birds (810308)
Theme: The joy of helping others.

The fox and the tortoise (810299)
Theme: Sometimes saying you’re sorry just isn’t enough.

The goat and the hare (810310)
Theme: Learn from others’ mistakes.

The hedgehog and the stork (810302)
Theme: It’s better to have something small than nothing at all.

The lion and the mouse (810288)

Theme: Everyone, large or small, has their own special and unique ability.

The love doves (810304)
Theme: Before you react to what you see, take a moment to question what might be.

The mole and the eagle (810292)
Theme: Listen to the experts who know, only then will you learn and grow.

The mouse and the dog (810298)
Theme: Believe in yourself.

The mouse, the hare, and the goat (810301)

Theme: We all need help sometimes.

The mouse, the hare, and the raven (810291)

Theme: When two friends fight, they both lose in the end.

The owl and his voice (810311)
Theme: There are two sides to every situation.

The pelican and his house (810306)

Theme: Be happy with what you have.

The rhino and the sparrow (810303)
Theme: Don’t jump to conclusions.

The sparrow and the feather (810305)
Theme: Be true to yourself.

The thirsty crow (810297)
Theme: A little thought and determination will make everything right.

The tortoise and the hare (810294)
Theme: Sometimes talent and ability come second to hard work and persistence.

The tortoise and the hedgehog (810296)
Theme: What at first seems scary, with time can become familiar and merry.

Two goats and a bridge (810293)
Theme: When you argue and fight, you lose sight of what’s right.