Teaching Every Student in the Digital Age, K-12

This public Ning is designed to support a learning community based on the book discussion for Teaching Every Student in the Digital Age. It is the result of research by the Center for Applied Special Technology (CAST). It features discussion forums, blogs, videos, photos, live chat, links to other resources, etc.

The e-book version, available for free at http://www.cast.org/teachingeverystudent/ideas/tes/ , has links to resources that make it a wealth of information regarding universal design for learning (UDL). UDL is a framework that can help educators turn the challenges posed by high standards and increasing learner diversity into opportunities to maximize learning for every student. Drawing upon new knowledge of how the brain works and new technologies and media now available for teaching and learning, UDL frames a systematic approach to setting goals, choosing or creating flexible materials and media, and assessing students accurately.