Achievement and Video Streaming, K-12
Based on two years of data, a recent independent research report illustrates a link between usage of Discovery Education streaming and higher achievement scores. Specifically, the report data shows there is clear evidence that frequent usage of Discovery Education streaming is associated with higher achievement scores in grades 3-8 in math and reading.

The research was completed by Cometrika, an independent research firm, and led by Dr. Frank Boster. The study focused on 2006-2007 and 2007-2008 school year data, and three geographically diverse states, examining more than 7,500 school buildings in Texas, Indiana and Florida. State-level department of education achievement data and Discovery Education streaming data for building-level usage was used to correlate building-level, high-stakes test results for grades 3-8 in math and reading and the frequency of use of Discovery Education streaming within each building.

"The major focus of the study was to scientifically answer the question: ‘Does Discovery Education streaming improve student achievement in the classroom?’ and the answer is ‘Yes,’” said Kelli Campbell, Discovery Education Senior Vice President of Content and Product Development. “The compelling digital media found in Discovery Education streaming can truly engage today’s students in the curriculum beyond traditional methods.”