Language and Translation Tools, K-12

Interesting translation tools...
Yahoo! Babel Fish: Text Translation and Web Page Translation

Google Translate
Translate text or Web pages, the quality is questionable but you can search in other languages.

Language Tools: iTools
Check several dictionaries at once.

Free Translation Online
Like Babelfish but offering many more language combinations.

Nice Translator
This dictionary translates into multiple languages of your choice at the same time.

Easy to use translator for multiple languages.

Free Online Translator

Currencies and Other Metrics
Currency Converter – Yahoo! Finance;to=EUR;amt=1 Calculators

XE – Universal Currency Converter

Metric Conversions Comprehensive Conversion Utility

Unit Conversion

Language Maps
World Atlas of Language Structures

World Language Mapping System

Modern Language Association: Language Map of the USA

Other Alphabets
Russian alphabet (aka Cyrillic alphabet)

Arabic alphabet, pronunciation and language

Japanese alphabet