ICC: 21st Century Skills, Health Literacy

As each Iowa student is provided access to essential concepts and meaningful learning experiences in the core academic content areas, it is imperative that we also look to 21st
century skills to build capacity in students so they are prepared to lead productive, satisfying lives. According to Ken Kay, president of the Partnership for 21st Century Skills, the 21st century skills set “is the ticket to economic upward mobility in the new economy”. Business and industry is providing a very clear message that students need the skills to “work comfortably with people from other cultures, solve problems creatively, write and speak well, think in a multidisciplinary way, and evaluate information critically. And they need to be punctual, dependable, and industrious.”.

High School Essential Concepts and Skills
* Demonstrate functional health literacy skills to obtain, interpret, understand and use basic health concepts to enhance personal, family, and community health
* Synthesize interactive literacy and social skills to establish and monitor personal, family and community goals related to all aspects of health
* Apply critical literacy and thinking skills related to personal, family and community wellness
* Use media literacy skills to analyze media and other influences to effectively manage health risk situations and advocate for self and others
* Demonstrate behaviors that foster healthy, active lifestyles for individuals and the benefit of society

K-8 Essential Concepts and Skills: Being Developed
Health Literacy Resources
Online Safety Topics provided by Rosen Teen Health and Wellness

Health Literacy Resources: Thinkfinity

Health Literacy Resources: EBSCOHost - Health Source

Health Literacy Resources: DE Streaming