Ancient Rome in Google Earth, K-12
Google Earth, Google's 3-D mapping software, is offering a virtual simulation visit to ancient Rome. Google has reconstructed the sprawling city - inhabited by more than one million people. Users can zoom around the map to visit the Forum of Julius Caesar, stand in the center of the Coliseum, swoop over the Basilica Julia, and learn about how the Romans lived. Researchers behind the project say it adds to five centuries of knowledge. The Ancient Rome 3-D feature was created in conjunction with the Rome Reborn Project 2.0 at University of Virginia's Institute for Advanced Technology in the Humanities and the University of California. The purpose of the project is to depict a moment in time in Ancient Roman history, specifically June 21, 320 A.D., the zenith of the city's development as the capital of the Roman Empire.

Through Google Earth, students and teachers, can:

  • Fly around the city using Google Earth's unique navigation.
  • Explore more than 6700 historic buildings, including the Senate and the Coliseum.
  • Zoom in to discover the detailed interiors of eleven ancient structures including the Coliseum to observe the architecture and marble decorations.
  • Read pop-up windows with information on the monuments.
  • Learn about Ancient Rome through information bubbles written by expert historians.
This link also includes a free download to Google Earth 4.3.

A list of various Heartland resources on Ancient Rome is included below. Click here to enter the titles and reserve online.
VL=VHS for loan
DVD=DVD for loan
Ancient Rome (#804857) 50 min. VL
Ancient Rome (#061804) 15 min. VL
Ancient Rome, 509 B.C.—A.D.476 (3070422) 40 min. VL
Ancient Rome (Rev) (#066457) 11 min. VL
Ancient Rome, Revised Edition (#072236) 25 min. VL
Great Cities of the Ancient World: Rome and Pompeii (#800446) 60 min. VL
History of Daily Life: Ancient Rome (#805920) 6 min. VL
History's Ancient Legacies: Ancient Rome (#067529) 30 min. VL
History's Ancient Legacies II: The Seven Wonders of the Ancient World & The Roman Empire in North Africa (#850422) 50 min. DVD
History's Ancient Legacies: The Aztecs, the Mayans, & Ancient Rome (#850433) 50 min. DVD
Roman City (#850129) 60 min. VL
Roman Feats of Engineering (#807680) 30 min. DVD
Rome and Pompeii (#801211) 70 min. VL
Rome: Decadence and Decline (#070570) 26 min. VL
Rome: Engineering an empire (#808101) 100 min. DVD
Rome: The Rise of Christianity (#070569) 26 min. VL
Rome: The Ultimate Empire (#802256) 50 min. VL
Secrets of Archaeology: Glorious Rome: Capital of an Empire (#850504) 25 min. DVD
Timelines of Ancient Civilizations: Roman (#850353) 45 min. DVD
The World of Ancient Rome (753 BC - 476 AD) (#062590) 20 min. VL

DEstreaming online videos:
History through Art: Ancient Rome
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