Edgar Allan Poe Resources, 6-12

2009 will mark 200 years since Edgar Allan Poe was born in Boston (January 19, 1809 – October 7, 1849). Listed below are resources educators can use to learn more about this important American author.

Heartland Resources
VHS for loan
The Black Cat (#801239) 35 min. VL
The Cask of Amontillado (#801241) 20 min. VL
Edgar Allan Poe (#804425) 40 min. VL
Gold Bug (Edited) (#066890) 31 min. VL
Masque of the Red Death (#803686) 89 min. VL
"The Raven" and Other Poems (#801238) 20 min. VL
The Raven: Edgar Allan Poe (#071364) 25 min. VL
Tales of Edgar Allan Poe (#064570) 62 min. VL
Tales of Edgar Allan Poe (#805575) 26 min. VL
The Tell Tale Heart (#801240) 20 min. VL
Tell-Tale Heart (#061687) 14 min. VL

Famous Authors: Edgar Allan Poe: 1809-1849 30 min.
Great Books: Tales of Edgar Allan Poe 27 min.
The Oval Portrait

Online Resources
Poe Revealed
The Edgar Allan Poe Museum in Richmond offers a fully interactive experience for teachers and students by bringing Poe into the modern day through his poetry and literary works.

Edgar Allen Poe Biography
Biography, links to several short stories and poetry.

Edgar Allan Poe: An Author Unit for High School
Students investigate Poe's life and times and his influence on modern writers.

Edgar Allan Poe, Ambrose Bierce, and the Unreliable Biographers
Students examine and attempt to explain the causes of inconsistencies in at least four Poe biographies.

Edgar Allan Poe Collection
Portraits, letters, and other artifacts from Poe's life.

The Edgar Allan Poe Museum in Richmond, Virginia
The Poe Museum provides a retreat into early 19th century Richmond where Edgar Allan Poe lived and worked. The museum features Poe's life and career by documenting his accomplishments with pictures, relics, and verse, and focusing on his many years in Richmond.

The Edgar Allan Poe Society of Baltimore

Knowing Poe
Maryland Public Television provides biography, a variety of primary sources, and classroom materials.

The Mystery of Edgar Allan Poe
http://www.aetv.com:80/class/ad min./study_guide/archives/aetv_guide.0149.html
Summary, vocabulary, discussion questions, and extended activities to accompany the A&E presentation.

Perspectives in American Literature: Edgar Allan Poe
A good source of background information. Features a summary of themes, study questions, and more.

Poe Stories
Texts of many of Poe's short stories and poems with hyperlinked vocabulary words, a Poe timeline which lists significant world events during each year of Poe's life.

Discovery Education: Tales of Edgar Allen Poe
Students read a work by Poe, identify the emotions present, and write something of their own that shows the same emotions.

Teacher's Guide to Internet Resources: Edgar Allan Poe
In these five activities, students explore descriptive language, Poe's life, critical reading and writing, Baltimore and letter writing.

Teacher's Handbook
A great resource from the National Park Service: 58 pages of biography, background, and activities. Adobe Reader or compatible application required for access.

The Great Poe Debate Podcast with Ed Pettit, Jeff Jerome and Paul Lewis, moderated by Grover Silcox
Recorded 1/13/2009