New Teacher Survival Guide, K-12
The New Teacher Survival Central Web site features a variety of classroom tools designed to welcome and support educators new to the teaching profession as well as veteran teachers looking for new ideas. In the Technology 101 area of the site, teachers can access practical information on how educational technologies promote student engagement in learning and what tools are available for use in the classroom. Free K–12 student resources are highlighted for teachers in the Tech Tools for Students section of the site. With a variety of interactive games, virtual labs and lessons, new teachers have access to a collection of quality tools that can help engage students across the curriculum. Another section of the site, Homeroom Headquarters, allows teachers to access information on the art of classroom management, classroom environment, and parent communication. This area provides teachers with tips and guidelines to help them run a classroom smoothly and efficiently; create an organized, functional classroom; and communicate effectively and efficiently with parents. In the Survival Tool Kit: Best of the Web section, new teacher blogs and useful Web sites with classroom tools and curriculum resources for teachers are collected in one place. This site also features videos for new teachers covering topics such as lesson planning, community and parental involvement, and effective use of technology.