Free, Web-based Physics Video Game, 3-12
Fantastic Contraption is a Web-based video game that teaches the principles of physics through experimentation, problem-solving, and hypothesizing. This is a physics puzzle game in which the objective in each level is to move all red objects into a rectangular goal area. To do this, students are given a blue rectangular building area and a few different materials in which to build a device. Standing in the way, however, are a variety of obstacles, ranging from gaping gaps to a sea of circles bent on destroying a student's red object-moving device. Students are provided only a handful of simplistic components with which to build - wheels, a water-drive rod, and sticks. Users assemble these components to reach the goal, and move on to the next level. The physics is surprisingly realistic, and the game can get quite challenging.

Even students who have never had a physics class can play this game because knowledge of physics is not necessary to work out the puzzles. Students can figure out the puzzle through trial and error. The game teaches students how to interact through step-by-step directions on the first two logic puzzles. This is a great activity to get students thinking outside the box and using critical thinking and logic skills.

Educators and students may also be interested in viewing a variety of video solutions to this puzzle on YouTube. Simply go to, enter "Fantastic Contraption" in the text box, and click "Search".