Animoto for Education
Animoto is a free Web-based tool that allows users to produce music videos using a very simple and easy to use interface. The site has recently added an educators edition which includes many of the premium version features like:

  • The ability to download videos as MP4s or Quicktime movies
  • The ability to export video directly from YouTube
Students and teachers will now be able to to set-up an individual account which allows them to share videos with other students, teachers, parents, community members, businesses, and colleges. Videos can be created at home, school, or any place with an Internet connection. To make viewing the videos in class a little easier videos can now be downloaded to their personal computer. Students can choose images, select music from the site's copyright free library, or import their own music. They can also choose the order of the images used. Users can choose to create a 30-second video or a longer, full-length feature. The application does all the rest of the work, creating animation synced to music around the student's images.

This simple application can be used in a variety of ways such as creating digital stories, creating collages of student work, art work montages for parents night, or classroom promotional videos.