Using Blogs to Enhance Literacy, 3-12

Using blogs in the classroom is a great way to improve literacy and enhance collaborative learning and critical thinking. Blogging can improve student literacy because it focuses equally on reading and writing. Blogging is also a cooperative form of learning that can promote good spelling, grammar, and well-thought-out responses because it is a shared learning environment where students are accountable to each other if they make untruthful or inaccurate posts. Students practice information sorting and evaluation information literacy skills. Blogs can empower students to develop their own voices by actively responding and defining their positions and thinking on issues. They are easy to maintain and easy to learn.

Check out this link to THE Journal article of “Five Don’ts of Classroom Blogging.” It has valuable tips to avoid the pitfalls of blogging and get you and your students on the right track to using blogging as a literacy tool.

Click on Comments and share your success stories when using blogs or Web 2.0 applications in the classroom. BTW, World of Media is produced with blogging software.