ProQuest Learning: Literature, 7-12
Heartland has purchased access to the ProQuest Learning: Literature database. Several schools used it on a pilot basis last year and found it to be a unique and important teaching resource. It includes 3,000+ author biographies, 40 searchable full-text literature journals, full-text literary works, and other key criticism and reference sources. Here are a few highlights:

  • Essays on the American Novel (Light in August, Go Down Moses, Native Son, A Farewell to Arms, The American, etc.)
  • Literacy Movement Pages for selected criticism, multimedia, and reference on literary movements.
  • Genre pages for selected criticism, multimedia, and reference on literary genres.
  • Study guides include author and plot overview, character notes, and detailed summaries offering students guidance on literary style, themes, and motifs.
  • Videos of contemporary poets reading selections of their own work and their favorite classic poems. Students can see and hear one poet’s interpretation of the work, prompting the discussion of what form alternative readings might take.
  • Samples of standards-based lessons.
ProQuest Learning: Literature is part of the Com Cat federated search. It is listed under the Authors/Reading folder,
Teachers and students can search the school library catalog(s) and Learning: Literature simultaneously. The Learning: Literature database is subgrouped into categories and the results are displayed as Authors, References, etc. It is not possible for a federated search system to interpret these sub-categories. As a result, Com Cat will direct the user to the search results in the native interface--just click the search results number in the left column.
Go to Enter the EBSCO username and password assigned to your school and click on My Products Page.
Click ProQuest Learning: Literature.

A training video is online at A list of webinars that you can attend is also online at