Downloading YouTube Videos, K-12
Jamie McKenzie’s From Now On newsletter suggests a way to download streaming videos from YouTube. Please be aware of copyright restrictions in downloading and using YouTube material. Go to the URL listed above to read about videos that can be used successfully in the classroom.

1. Identify the video at
2. Find the original source Web site for the video.
2. Copy the URL for the video from its original source (not YouTube).
3. Go to
4. Select the blue hyperlink for URL in Step One.
5. The page will change so that a new entry box will appear with "http://" in it where the URL from the video's source should be pasted.
6. Move through the next steps, selecting a file format that will work with the video software installed on your computer.
7. Enter your e-mail address as instructed.
Zamzar will e-mail instructions to you for returning to the site for the actual file downloading. Sometimes this message may take several hours to arrive in the e-mail Inbox.
Once the e-mail arrives, you have just 24 hours to download the file before they delete it.
After downloading the file, you may bring it to school and decide upon the best way to share it with students, recognizing that there may be copyright issues if you store it on the school's network.

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