Woodworking: The Art and Craft DVD Series, 8-12

Each video in this 15-part series focuses on essential techniques students must master to complete a wide range of projects. Viewable/printable instructor’s guides are available online at http://www.films.com/id/5577/Woodworking_The_Art_and_the_Craft.htm. Please note that the DVDs in this series were created on a DVD-R disc. They may not be compatible with some older DVD players.

Basic Methods of Measuring and Cutting (#807230) 12 min.
After reviewing the English and metric measurement systems, this program demonstrates how to measure and mark lumber and then cut with handsaws and portable power saws.

Ripping and Crosscutting (#807231) 14 min.
This video shows students the professional way to rip and crosscut standard plank and beam lengths with smooth precision.

Sawing and Shaping (#807232) 9 min.
This program explains the effect of cutting speed on wood finish and how to transfer patterns. Also, the use of sliding compound miter saws, scroll saws, and routers is demonstrated.

Methods of Cutting Circles and Curves (#807233) 12 min.
This program shows how to cut circles and curves.

Planing (#807234) 15 min.
This program shows how to plane surface and end grains to perfection.

Working With Nails and Screws (#807235) 16 min.
This program demonstrates how to drive and remove nails while explaining how to work with wood screws-from pre-drilling, to countersinking and plugging, to increasing their holding power.

Gluing and Clamping (#807236) 10 min.
This program shows students how to join wood using glue and a variety of clamps.

Sanding (#807237) 12 min.
This program focuses on the skill of sanding, with an emphasis on square corners and small pieces. Making sanding jigs for drill presses and disc sanders is also covered.

Creating Biscuit and Dowel Joints (#807238) 11 min.
This program shows students how to engineer biscuit and dowel joints that are strong and invisible.

Creating Rabbet Joints (#807239) 11 min.
This program takes a look at rabbet joints: the right times to use them, the correct way to lay them out, and how to cut smooth and assemble them.

Creating Dado Joints (#807240) 10 min.
This program shows how to layout, cut, and hide dado joints. Rabbet-and-dado joints are also covered, and cutting dados with power tools is demonstrated.

Creating Miter Joints (#807241) 14 min.
This program shows students how to construct miter joints.

Creating Mortise-and-Tenon Joints (#807242) 13 min.
This program shows how to construct a mortise-and-tenon joint.

Creating Dovetail Joints and Casework (#807243) 12 min.
This program shows students how to cut and assemble dovetails into strong and attractive casework.

Finishing Techniques (#807244) 14 min.
This program illustrates how to prepare wood for finishing and then apply stains, clear sealers, and paints and enamels.