Podcasting and Young Adult Novels, 6-12

Podcasts are audio or video files that are automatically delivered over a network. They are a great way for students to express their knowledge creatively. Once given the chance, many students prefer to explore and discover educational content through podcasting. When students create and publish a podcast themselves, they immediately have a real audience, a purpose for writing and revising, and an opportunity for collaborating with other students. These skills transfer easily to the skills required in the English classroom, especially to the skills required in analyzing literature. For example, students often do book reports in the same, standard format.

Podcasting is an excellent way to let students be creative with their book reports while learning and integrating technology and developing 21st century communications skills at the same time. Students can use free recording/editing software like Audacity to create short podcasts based on young adult novels. These podcasts can be similar to book talks, only in an electronic audio form. When created like book talks, the podcasts should have an interesting opener, important excerpts from the book, and a short overview of the book’s plot to entice other students to read the book. Students could add music to the podcast to elicit the mood of the novel, keeping copyright guidelines in mind. Students could also do the podcast as an interview, short play, television ad, or reality show. Podcasts provide a means to integrate technology into the English language arts in creative, meaningful ways. Check out the sites below for sample podcasts and start planning on how you can make a book report something students look forward to.

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