PD 360: Classroom Instruction That Works, K-12

PD360 is an online professional development resource with video segments that can be viewed online. The videos can be used as part of a school or district inservice or as part of a teacher's professional growth plan.

Every teacher has to deal with distracting and inappropriate behavior in the classroom at some time. Whether you are a new or experienced teacher, a review of effective classroom management can be helpful. Carol Cummings, a nationally recognized expert on classroom management, identifies four key principles for addressing misbehavior.

  • Maintain student dignity - humiliating a student actually causes more bad behavior.
  • Create a lasting change in behavior - putting a cap on a problem will only fix it temporarily.
  • Keep cool - be a model of social/emotional intelligence.
  • Use punishment as a rare and last resort - make sure to match the degree of punishment to the infraction.
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Segment for elementary teachers:

Segment for secondary teachers: