Reel China DVDs, 9-12

These seven documentaries by Chinese filmmakers tell us about the dreams and lives of ordinary Chinese people. They are in English, and Chinese with English narration and subtitles. The DVDs are available for checkout or duplication. Preview at

The final migration.
Discusses nomadic tribes to farming to collectivism.

Flavor and affinity: behind the scenes of Canton’s Chao restaurants.
Ancestral rules of cooking.

The graduates.
Questions the value of a college diploma and whether wealth is more important than education

Heavy metal.
For more than 20 years, tons of metallic and electronic waste has been imported to Fengjang.

A new shelter.
Challenges of rebuilding after a flood.

Of mothers and daughters.
Follows two elderly ladies surviving without an extended family.

The Yangtze River’s green soldiers
Cleaning the river under the Three Gorges Dam.