Art of Measurement, PreK-12
PBS LearningMedia™ contains thousands of free classroom-ready, videos and interactives, audio, photos, and lesson plans. You can search, save, and share. Here are some excellent digital resources for learning the art of measurement.

Dunk Tank: Liquid Volume, Grade 6
Play this exciting math-themed game show and answer the question "how much?" by investigating different standard units of measure.

Landscape Architect, Grades 3-9
Geometry and measurement are essential in the job of a landscape architect. Peer behind the flowerbeds to see how this job is done.

Relating to Metric Measurement, Grades 4-8
On a running track, staggered starting positions can look unfair. Join Bianca as she picks the right tool for the job of measuring the distance between the starting point and the finish line.

Light Years, Grades 5-12
Light can measure distance. Learn how a "light year" is related to the speed of light, and how the light seen now is a snapshot of what an object looked like in the past.

Sid the Science Kid: The Whale Episode, Grades PreK-1
Explore a great new way to measure just about anything using the method of non-standard measurement! Sid learns how to accurately measure things with shoes, blocks, and even people.

Earthquakes: The Seismograph, Grades 6-12
How did scientists take observations from a deadly earthquake and turn them into the seismometers used today to help predict earthquakes and measure seismic waves?